The Rebirth of Feminism? Situating Feminism in the Popular Imaginary Middlesex University October 30 2013

This one-day workshop aims to challenge the idea that feminism as a social movement is no longer current or applicable to the lives of women, and further explores the ways in which stereotypes in the media and public discourse debunk both feminist activists and academics, failing to acknowledge feminism’s transformative potential.  These prejudicial accounts are a-critically reproduced and reinforced in the fabrics of everyday life and increasingly do not correspond to actual experiences in the real word. Stigmatizing accounts of feminism for instance suggests that young women are anti-feminist, and anti-feminism becomes constitutive of young womanhood in the popular imaginary. However, in the last five years public discourse about feminism has become more prominent in the UK and, at the same time, feminist activism and campaigns have intensified.

The workshop aims at creating a platform for academics and a diverse range of feminist activists to discuss this paradox which is so solidly inscribed in the popular imaginary and will experiment with non-hierarchical interaction among participants. In the morning sessions, invited feminist activists/academics will comment on images, short clips, news items or other cultural and social artifacts of their choice which are meaningful in order to explore the challenges feminism poses to the popular imaginary in the twenty first century.  Invited activists and academics include Kristin Aune, Nirmal Puwar, Yvette Taylor, Feona Attwood and Jason Lim. During the afternoon  participants will be engaged through Participatory Video and the production of a short video which captures ideas and encounters inspired by the workshop.

More information is here.

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