Sex, Gender and Media Symposium: Middlesex University November 13 2013

Chaired by Jane Arthurs and Merja Makinen (Middlesex University).

Our presenters are;

Meg Barker (Open University) & Rosalind Gill (City University): Critical Sex Advice

Jessalynn Keller (Middlesex University): Performing Public Politics: Girlhood Voices in Digital Media Culture

Sylvia Shaw (Middlesex University): Gender, language and adversarial discourse: gendered stereotypes in public settings

Alison Winch (Middlesex University): Sisterhoods

Theresa Cronin (Middlesex University): NF713 and the regulation of S/M

John Mercer (Birmingham City University): Coming of Age: Gay Porn and the Older Man

Helen Hester (Middlesex University): Sensational Images: Affect, Gender, and Pornography

Clarissa Smith (University of Sunderland): Extreme Porn


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