An Intergenerational Feminist Media Studies

19th November 5-7pm 

BGO3, University Building, City University London, Northampton Square, London EC1V 4PB

======= Supported by MECCSA Women’s Network, and in association with City’s Gender and Sexualities Research Forum and the FemGenSex network at Middlesex =====

Conflicts between women make for popular entertainment. More women and girls are self-identifying as feminists, and the media frequently exploits their differences, casting them as insurmountable. This roundtable explores the interconnections between different generations in the contemporary media landscape.  It looks at the key conflicts and points of contact between women, as well as exploring the different generational climates that feminists must negotiate. It asks: What kind of shared conversations do women have across age groups? How can intergenerational alliances be built while still remaining sensitive to differences of experience? How can we build sustainable models of feminism across generations? 

This panel brings together feminist media studies academics and students from different generations to consider these issues. At the same time, then, it will ask: how can feminist media studies contribute, and how has it contributed to an understanding of this intergenerationality? How do different generations of feminist media scholars talk to each other? What impediments arise in those conversations? Does an effective intergenerational feminist media studies exist, or do we need to invent or extend it?  


ROS GILL  is Professor of Cultural and Creative Industries at City University London. Her books include Gender and the Media (2006) and New Femininities (2011) and she is currently co-editing Gender and Creative Labour and co-writing Mediated Intimacy: Sex advice in media culture

DIANE NEGRA  is Professor of Film Studies and Screen Cultures at the University of Dublin. Her books include What a Girl Wants? Fantasising the Reclamation of Self in Postfeminism and the co-edited Interrogating Postfeminism (2007) and Gendering the recession (2014)

HANNAH HAMAD is Lecturer in Film Studies at Kings College London and author of Postfeminism and paternity in contemporary US film: framing fatherhood (2014)

NAYOMI ROSHINI recently completed a BA in Film and MARIAM KAUSER a BA in Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies at Middlesex University London. They now both work at Middlesex as graduate teaching assistants in the Media department

Chairs:  Alison Winch / Jo Littler

Free, all welcome, but please register here for a place:



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