Understanding gendered and sexed spaces

Understanding gendered and sexed spaces: A FemGenSex Seminar 13th January 2015 13.00-17.00 Hendon Town Hall Committee Room 3.

Tea and biscuits will be provided.

Issues of gender equality and feminist politics are more hotly debated than ever before. From Caitlin Moran’s best-selling book How to be a Woman to the mainstream attention garnered by websites such as the Everyday Sexism Project, debates about what feminism is and how feminism should be practiced in the twenty-first century have engaged academics and the public. Similarly, sexual identities, representations, work and leisure practices are the focus of intense interest for cultural commentators and policy makers. Academic study is rapidly developing more diverse and collaborative ways of understanding gender and sexual identities and experiences. The FemGenSex network draws together researchers who specialize in the study of gender and sexuality, drawing on critical gender and sexuality studies.

This seminar will explore issues related to a key FemGenSex research theme – specifically looking at the ways that space/place is gendered and sexed. Confirmed speakers include:

Dr Jon Mulholland (Middlesex) – A Queer Embrace: Mediations of Gender and Sexuality in the Queer Tango Scene

Christiana Rose (Middlesex) The Art of the Striptease?: An Exploration of Public Consumption of Burlesque Performances in the UK

Dr Elena Vacchelli (Middlesex) – Feminist space within the waves Dr Emily Falconer (LSBU)

TBC Dr Jason Lim (Brighton) – Hijabs, Hoodies and Hotpants: Negotiating the “Slut” in SlutWalk

Dr Magali Peyrefitte (Middlesex) – Presentation of the Self in the Airline Industry: gender, space and place

Dr Sue Buckingham and Dr Monica Degen (Brunel) – Sensing Our Way: Using Yoga as a Research Method




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