As FemGenSex research network is made up of diverse practitioners, academics and public speakers, we will try our utmost to lead you to them.

We host many events locally in London, as well as attend and speak at panels locally, nationally and overseas. Symposium, seminars and panels organised by us, use a mix of Eventbrite ticketing and/or ticketing through instituional sites. Unless otherwise stated all events are free and open to all.

Up-Coming Events

Vocabularies of Active Female Desire

Despite years of heated debate, reaching back as far as the feminist sex wars of the 1970s & 1980s, issues surrounding the depiction of active female desire remain high on the cultural agenda. We will explore various media and discursive traditions.

  • Monday 30th March
  • 1.00pm – 5:30pm
  • Location:
    • Middlesex University
      Room C211, College Building
      The Burroughs
      NW4 4BT London
      United Kingdom
  • Tickets available from: Eventbrite
  • Free.

The Gendered Politics of Production: Girls and Women as Media Producers

Girls and women are arguably producing more media than ever before and are active contributors to contemporary media production cultures. Yet, recent incidents such as Gamergate point to the continuous precarious positioning that girls and women occupy as both amateur and professional media producers within a context shaped by what Sarah Banet-Weiser (2015) has recently called “popular misogyny.”
What is at stake for female media producers within this context? How do identities such as gender, race, class, age, sexuality, nationality, and ability shape one’s participation in production cultures? In what ways are girls and women mobilizing media production as an activist strategy to challenge sexism, racism, classism and other social inequalities across local, national, and international contexts?

  • Tuesday 16th June
  • Location:
    • Middlesex University
      College Building
      The Burroughs
      NW4 4BT London
      United Kingdom
  • Ticketing Details TBC
  • Featuring a keynote lecture by Mary Celeste Kearney.

We are seeking papers for a one-day symposium that aims to examine
these questions and explore girls’ and women’s production of a wide
range of commercial and alternative media texts. See detailed call for papers, here. 

Past Events

Understanding gendered and sexed spaces: A FemGenSex Seminar 13th January 2015  at 1.00pm-5.00
Hendon Town Hall, Committee Room 3.

This seminar explored issues related to a key FemGenSex research theme – specifically looking at the ways that space/place is gendered and sexed.From the advent of Queer Tango and politics of the Queer embrace to the presentation of Gendered identity and space within the Airline Industry.

For more information, on who spoke and about what, see post here.



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